A central tenet in all that we strive for 

Aiming for the least harm is the simplest way to imbue the world with maximum goodness. We aspire for mindfulness at every stage of production – and endeavor to preserve both Mother Earth and ASHITA jewelry for our children to revere. We’re happy to hear from you with constructive suggestions for our nonmaleficence.



Our visual masterpieces deserve only the best lab-grown diamonds: Color F and Clarity VS. The best metaphor to understand the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds is equating them to milk from cows grazing freely – or from cattle reared in captivity. Similarly, lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural – minus the inhumane practices saturating every step of their production. It is impossible to distinguish between the two without lab testing.

The process of extracting a natural diamond is wrought with environmental and human exploitation. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it forever: the jewelry you wear every single day needs to be untainted – and so we eschew destructive sourcing.



Our 14K gold is of the highest standard: Fair Trade. Ethical. Eco-Friendly. We source it all from North American members of the Responsible Jewellery Council – thus authenticating our firm stance disavowing child labour + exploitative labour practices + environmentally disruptive toxic chemicals. Quality-wise, it is certified Grade 1 Metal – which meets the highest industry standards for incomparable brightness.



We produce merely as much as you need. You may have noticed a bar on our website stating – ‘custom-made: shipped in 2-3 weeks’. That means our artisans create your piece uniquely for you/ to your specifications. Made with love – just for you.