ASHITA Spotlight (Q&A)

ASHITA pieces are so unique as they are particularly colorful. Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration and process?

People often assume fine jewelry to be plain and traditional. I believe luxury jewelry could be bold and colorful. Growing up in New York City, a place proud to be diverse and inclusive, I was always encouraged to think out of the box. I would say our design precisely depicts the attitude of my beloved city - being bold enough to defy tradition without sacrificing the pursuit of exquisite quality. 

I really wish our colorful pieces would put a big smile on your face each time you wear them and bring colors to your life no matter the ups and downs.

Which is your favorite jewelry piece from ASHITA?

Obviously, I love them all as every single piece is made with love. If I have to choose one, the High Rise set would be my pick. Not only because layering and stacking is a big trend of jewelry fashion, but more because of the inspiration it gives me. You would never go wrong with any individual piece from the set, but when they embrace each other, the shine is brilliant. Don’t you think it’s a great inspiration? We are different, but we shine brighter together.

Despite the bold design, I also notice that ASHITA pieces are being made in your family-owned studio located in Manhattan, which is another rare thing in this industry, can you talk about that?

Yeah. It’s actually something that we are so proud of. It’s a privilege to have the pieces being crafted in our Manhattan family-owned studio and I really appreciated it. It makes a huge difference, not only guarantees extraordinary quality but also cuts off the “notorious” middlemen in our industry. (lauge) Therefore, we pass the savings onto our consumers. I can proudly say when we claim “made with love in New York City”, we mean it. 

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