ASHITA Gift Concierge

By Ronna Lin

Running late, didn't buy a gift yet? We all want to just point, click, and checkout, but some things like gifts take more research and time. We’ve got you covered, we will make gift giving easy for you so you don’t have to worry. 

What is gift concierge? 

A specialized personal shopper service made just for you!

When to use gift concierge? 

When you have those last minute “I need a gift soon” or “oh no, what do I buy for __?” A concierge is exactly what you need!

How does it work?

Choose between a gift card or a personalized piece for your special someone. No idea is too small here at ASHITA. We make innovations happen with your creative mind and our team to put your ideas into action. Can’t decide on what to get? No worries, book an appointment with one of our specialists to perfect a gift in real time. 

 At your service

Whether you are looking to add a personal touch or create unique pieces, we’ve got you! We offer free engraving, a variety of enamel color choices, different types of metal, a short poem, and personalized note for you to customize your gift. To finish it off we will even wrap the piece up so that it's ready to be gifted.

Who says you need to stick to the boring choice of gift giving when you’ve got us? Gift buying shouldn’t be an imposition, you should do it with pleasure. We understand and that’s why we’ve made gift-giving easy. 

Best of all, gift concierge is free to use.

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