4 Engraving Ideas for Your Jewelry

By Taylor Morton

At ASHITA, we offer free engraving with your purchase making it easy to personalize our pieces and create unique gifts for your friends, family members, partner, or even for yourself.

Meaningful Words 

Words that hold meaning can be a great addition to your piece and can serve as a daily reminder for the person wearing it of a message you want them to think of all the time. You could add the words “love”, “strong”, “kind”, or you could even add words from an inside joke between you and your special someone.

Numbers & Dates

Numbers or dates are a great way to personalize your jewelry in a way that is a little less basic. Try adding the date of an anniversary, birthday, or the day you and someone you care about met. Adding your partners lucky numbers the number of years you have been together is also a sweet idea.


Coordinates are an untraditional and fun way to personalize your ASHITA piece. Adding the coordinates of a location special to you and a loved one is a nice way to commemorate a place where you share memories. The coordinates of where you had a big event such as a first date, engagement, birth, wedding, or first home are all great examples.

Initials & Nicknames

Engraving someones name is a go to for classic engraving design but using initials or even nicknames is a fun way to stray away from traditional. Adding your own initials to a ring for a partner is a cute way to remind them that you love and care about them. Even getting your own initials engraved in a piece for yourself is a fun way to customize your jewelry and make it more unique and personal to you.


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