How to photograph your jewelry

When it comes to photographing jewelry many people think it is difficult trying to capture something so small. Photographing jewelry can actually be easier than taking a picture of a large item because there is less setup required. 


Lighting makes your jewelry shine. Using natural lighting will allow you to have the highest quality photos while letting your jewelry do all the shine. Avoid using camera flash because it will reflect the bright light, leaving your product with harsh flashbacks in the background. When using natural lighting to photograph your jewelry, make sure to stay away from direct sunlight and try to have the sun behind you rather than in front for optimal shadows.




Who says you need an expensive camera to capture a great photo? Your phone camera will work just fine as long as you get the right angle and positioning. Making sure each piece of jewelry is in focus is super important as you would want to show each and every detail. Try to get as many angles as possible, you never know what you’ll end up liking! While photographing, the background doesn’t have to be in focus, all the attention should be on the jewelry. Investing in a tripod will ensure your product photos are in focus while you focus on positioning and styling. As long as you follow these steps, your photos will come out amazing. Below are some examples of photos we took using the iphone. 



Here we have listed a few affordable  props that you can invest in to enhance your photos

  • Blu- tack: allows you to stand up rings horizontally so that you can get a good angle.
  • Backdrop: solid background color makes to easier to edit later on and simply just gives a cleaner look in the photo 
  • Fruits: makes the image fun with pops of color 
  • Light Box: eliminates outside light pollution and is ideal for basic product shots on white backgrounds. 

These are just some tips we use when taking jewelry photos and it is proven to be effective. I mean look at the photos on our website, you would never have thought they aren't all taken professionally. Check out our instagram for more awesome shots!

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