ASHITA Should Be Your Go-To Jewelry Brand

Did you know that gold jewelry is not necessarily expensive? And yes, we mean real gold.


A brand built with style and skill, ASHITA might be new in town but it knows just what it stands for. It’s bold, vibrant and playful. It’s fine jewelry with the modern twist of color. 

From the 14-karat gold stacker rings to the diamond-encrusted necklaces, each one of ASHITA's collections is handcrafted with flair. In fact, the two words that truly befit this label would be: millennial minimalism - as it transforms the traditional into contemporary. 

And, whilst some restrict wearing gold jewelry to occasions only, ASHITA believes otherwise. It deems every moment as an occasion and occasions must be accessorized for.

Color: The Ultimate C-Word

If there’s one maxim that the world swears by, it is that ‘actions speak louder than words.’ And, whilst actions have the upper-hand, the designers at ASHITA stress that colors do too. As makers of everyday-wear, they attempt to exude the silent power of color through gold ornaments in order to empower individuals to experience and emote themselves better. 

Luxury: Something for Everyone

It might seem unusual but ASHITA was birthed with the basic idea: Casual Affordable Luxury. It was the thought of launching the best quality jewelry at even more reasonable prices. An in-house production unit in NYC has given this label the advantage of having minimal margins. This has allowed it to offer luxury in the shape of accessible, affordable and aesthetic jewelry.

Mood: Suits Every Self   

All items by ASHITA - from beautiful bracelets to elegant earrings  - are contoured into perfection. Each of these trinkets is created by diving into the limitless spectrum between black and white. A jewelry portfolio made of sundry designs in diverse shades is not only an effective mode of self-expression but also elevates the wearer’s daily mood and manner.

Customize: Make it Truly Yours 

An American jewelry company, ASHITA allows customers all over the globe to customize these precious possessions. They offer variations in color, the choice of engraving and an 18-karat gold (nickel-free) option. “All women are unique and must be given the alternative to personalise their jewelry and make it theirs”, says founder Ashita Dhadda. 

Teamwork: By A Woman, For All Women 

A company initiated by a woman, ASHITA has prioritised delving into what the female community across the world is looking for in jewelry. Ashita Dhadda believes that “women understand, support and inspire each other incessantly.” And, she aspires to create jewelry that continues to do so. 

Goodwill: Jewelry with a Cause  

The founder of ASHITA highlights that “one must not only create what looks good but also what does good.” As a result, her company aligns itself with another mission - a more altruistic one - where part of the proceeds from every purchase are sent to Jaipur Foot, a non-profit organization that provides free prosthetics to those in need in 33 countries. 


A little spruce up to your office outfit or errand ensemble is just the edge that ASHITA jewelry gives you. It’s simple. It’s personal. It’s everything you desire.

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