Disrupting The Fine Jewelry Landscape

In our era of self-expression, the online gold jewelry market is surprisingly stale. Shocked by the lack of variety, Ashita Dhadda decided to launch her own jewelry brand. Whereas most e-commerce start-ups stick to traditional styles, Ashita New York veers off into new, uncharted fine jewelry territory: colorful gold. 

In the masses of fine jewelry, Dhadda couldn’t find a single vibrant piece that was as full of life as her style and personality. Dhadda and her friends desperately wanted to stand out in “colorful, quality jewelry,” she says. “Not the same plain and simple gold jewelry that everyone wears.” 

With the March launch of her new brand, the online market will finally meet a line of high-quality fine jewelry that celebrates self-expression with all of its diverse and vibrant styles. Born into a family of New York jewelers, Dhadda believes the quality of her colorful collection is as crucial as its purpose. “High quality craftsmanship and fair pricing is super important to me,” she says. 

Dhadda decided to use her family’s Manhattan manufacturing facility so that her luxury collection could be sold at factory-direct pricing. By keeping the manufacturing process in-house, “we make affordable luxury that’s also completely customizable.” Upon request, any gold piece can be customized in color, engraved, or made nickel-free using 18k gold. It’s self-expression to the max.

While online shopping giants sell poorly made and cheaply sourced colorful jewelry that falls apart in seconds, ASHITA uses ethically sourced, high quality gold and diamonds to handcraft each piece. “Women should feel good about the jewelry they buy,” says Dhadda, who not only prioritizes sustainable manufacturing standards, but also a philanthropic brand mission. 

“I wanted to build a brand that makes a global change beyond liberating women’s sense of self-expression,”she says. To do this, part of the proceeds from every Ashita New York purchase are sent to Jaipur Foot, a nonprofit that provides free prosthetics to those in need in 33 countries. Dhadda has supported this organization since her childhood and has spoken about the program at the United Nations. She is both “unbelievably honored and excited” to include the organization with her brand’s launch. 

With ASHITA, fine jewelry gets a colorful reinvention that’s anything but traditional.


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