The ASHITA Dream Collection

Spring, the season of new beginnings. In this season, we create new dreams and desires. ASHITA’s dream is to build jewelry pieces where people are unique and different. We offer jewelry that creates new beginnings, dreams, and hopes. The Dream Collection is a place where every dream starts, where one color represents our journey.

A Baby Pink Beginning

It symbolizes innocence, optimism, and gentleness. Every dream starts small, but grows into something as we nurture them. Dainty yet dazzling, baby pink brings promises to be cherished. The Spring Necklace, The Hampton Bracelet and the Soho Huggies are just a few pieces that ASHITA offers.

 A Coral Dream

The world of adolescence, a time where we are more open to new challenges and the world that we have yet to explore. Coral is the color for warmness, dynamicness, and openness. As we try to find ourselves and our purpose, the dream that started small grows along with us. The Essex Bracelet and Midtown Earrings bring warmth and spark to your life.

 An Aqua Hope

Entering the adult world isn’t easy. We often struggle to find goodness,  and there are moments when we’re unable to find our way back. Aqua represents clarity, youth, and revitalization. The color provides a sense of fresh starts, fending off the darkness and bringing light at the end of the tunnel. The Crosby Necklace and the Delancey Bracelet bring a cool, vibrant feel to your life. 

 Whatever color represents you; it will guide you along the path to your dream. It’s not just a jewelry piece, it’s more than that. A jewelry piece is a symbol of yourself, your true self. ASHITA’s dream is to not only give quality or aesthetic to their customers, but we also want to make people’s dreams come true.

By Michelle Lie

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