Empowering Women with Disabilities - Ashita at the United Nations

By Meher Valechha

Did you know that women still struggle in getting their voices heard? 

On December 26th, 2017, Ashita Dhadda spoke at the United Nations to spread awareness about a Jaipur Foot Campaign. Dhadda is the founder of Prosthetics for Change, a youth division of the Jaipur Foot non-profit. The organization provides free prosthetic limbs to those in need, regardless of their religion or gender. In her speech, Dhadda tells the story of a 10-year-old girl, Gita, who shared her story and had left a lasting impact on her. Due to her disability, Gita was subjected to a great deal of discrimination at school. After hearing her story, Ashita was heart-broken and wanted to do something to help. She held a fundraiser in order to raise funds for Gita. Through the funds raised, the young girl was able to enroll in a school to continue her education. Her newly fitted prosthetic allowed her to confidently interact with the other children at her school. 

In 2021, women still find it difficult to get their voices heard, especially those with a disability. After becoming a chairman and contributing through her Prosthetics for Change non-profit, Ashita has now applied that to her jewelry company, ASHITA, by launching the "Bridging the Gap, Giving Back" initiative. Through this initiative, all the proceeds from a purchase of an ASHITA anklet is directly donated to sponsor a prosthetic limb through the Jaipur Foot organization. At ASHITA, we want to make a difference by empowering women with disabilities and supporting the next generation of women! Watch Ashita’s whole speech below.

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