#HerWeek x @ProjectUrOK

Happy August!

For this month, we wanted to focus on mental health. We were able to talk to Rachel from @ProjectUrOk about mental health. We asked her what her perspective on mental health was in which she replied:

Mental illness often presents itself as an invisible disease, but these are real and deep feelings, relentless emotions, and true lived experiences. Despite this, I choose to not be silent and I choose to speak up. I imagine what this world could look like with a little more compassion, a little more empathy, and a little more sensitivity. I know that by using the voice and platform I have been given that this is the kind of world I envision for future generations and am actively contributing to that vision.

Statistics about Mental Health

1 in 5 U.S. adults
experience mental illness

17% of youth (6-17 years)
experience a mental health disorder

15% of all mental illness
begins by age 14


Free, 24-hour, anonymous hotline 
Text UROK to 741741

Mental health is a very real disease that is hard to overcome, but with the right support and motivation it can be done! Rachel says:

To be an agent for positive change, I remind this community that it is okay to be vulnerable, and it is okay to seek help, and it is okay to not always be okay. When you tell your story, you help to end the stigma; if I can impact one person’s day, then I have succeeded in my advocacy.

To learn more about mental health and receive daily positive affirmations, follow @ProjectUrOk on instagram!

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