Most Loved: The Highrise Set

By Emily Finkelstein

Say hello to the ultimate trifecta! Stacking is taking over the jewelry industry as it allows you to use your creativity to create your own look. ASHITA pieces are designed so that you can create your own unique stack through our most loved collection, the Highrise Set which draws inspiration from New York City’s boroughs.

What is the Highrise Set? 

The Highrise Set is timeless yet trendy as it combines three of ASHITA’s best sellers: the Manhattan Band, Brooklyn Band, and Queen Band. These three bands compliment each other in the best way possible. Available in Aqua, Blush Pink, Coral, Ivory White, Midnight Black, and Royal Blue, you can stack all three in a single color or mix and match to create a bold, vibrant, and playful look. 

Inspiration behind the Highrise Set

Inspired by the streets of New York City, ASHITA brings color to your fingertips by delivering a feeling of vibrancy throughout all of our pieces. Our bestselling Manhattan Band is inspired by the iconic island of Manhattan. The Brooklyn Band’s spiral design is inspired by the architecture of the Brooklyn Bridge. The Queen Band is inspired by the vibrant flowers in the Queens Botanical garden.

The Perfect Stack

The Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queen bands come together to create the perfect trifecta of simplicity, playfulness, and elegance. The simple enamel look of the Manhattan Band allows the more sophisticated Brooklyn and Queen bands to stand out. It serves as the first step to creating the perfect stack.The spiral design on the Brooklyn Band brings a playful touch to the Highrise Set, while the diamond on the Queen Band brings elegance. Each band in the Highrise Set is individually loved by ASHITA customers but together, these bands create a stack that’s unmatched!

Let your creativity and uniqueness shine through the Highrise Set. ASHITA gives you the pieces and your creativity does the rest. No combination is too bold. Be Fearless!


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